The 6th Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA, West  Bengal Circle was held at Digha from  23rd to 24th November 2019 in the presence of AIBSNLEA, CHQ leaders viz. Shri Prahlad Rai, Chairman, CHQ, Shri Subhasish Mitra, President, CHQ,, Shri S. Shiva Kumar, G.S., CHQ, Shri Subinay Chakraborty ,OS ( East) ,CHQ, Shri Tridib Chakraborty, Advisor(East), CHQ, Shri Biswajit Chakraborty,Advisor, CHQ, & Leaders of West Bengal Circle & Kolkata Telephones as well as veteran leader of AIRBSNEWA Shri Prasun Mukhopadhyay, Shri Bijoy Krishna Bhattacharya, Chief Advisor, AIBSNLEA, West Bengal Circle were also present in the Conference.

A grand Open Session was conducted on 24th November 2019. Shri Ramakant Sharma, C.G.M., West  Bengal Circle  was present in the Open Session  as Chief Guest. Shri M.C,Pramanik, G.M.(Marketing), West Bengal Circle, Smt. Mira Mardi, G.M., Kharagpur SSA, Shri Vikash Kumar Jaiswal, Asstt. Circle Secretary, SNATTA, West Bengal Circle were present in the Open Session.

At the outset of the Open Session, Shri Kalyan Halder, President, West Bengal Circle welcomed all the dignitaries present in the meeting.   

In the Key Note Address placed by the Shri Aniruddha Basu, Circle Secretary, West Bengal Circle stated in details the task performed by AIBSNLEA during past years after formation of BSNL and the fighting activity of the Association/AUAB, as a result of which till date, though in late, BSNL employees are getting their salary. He stated that due to ongoing VRS process, huge number of staff will be reduced and BSNL Management will be compelled to implement the contractual maintenance of network at competitive rate, as a result of which employment in Telecom Industry of India will be decreased drastically and well trained youth of India will be compelled to work under maintenance contractors at abnormal low rate, which may be called as “Black Period of Telecom Arena of  India” from trade union point of view.  On the other hand remaining employees of BSNL mostly of the age group of below 50 years will face tremendous pressure from the management to perform their allotted job smoothly. He expressed his hope that newly elected Circle Body as well as AIBSNLEA  CHQ  will take appropriate step to protect the interest of remaining BSNL employees in the post VRS scenario. He requested to the CGMT to intervene into the burning issues of the Circle viz. Raiganj labour issue and shifting/vacation of GM, Kharagapur office.   

Shri Ramakant Sharma, C.G.M., West Bengal Circle in his speech conveyed his thanks to the BSNL Executives of West Bengal Circle for the proactive action taking by them for maintenance of the network by spending their personal money. He stated that though they are not getting required fund on maintenance head for prolonged period, not getting their salary in time, still they are trying to maintain the network from their personal money. He expressed his hope that in the post VRS scenario, remaining employees of BSNL will stand firmly and perform their work more actively to fight the future battle for existence of BSNL.

Shri Prohlad Rai, General Secretary, AIRBSNLEWA  in his speech stated that during the past years various steps were taken from DOT to weaken the BSNL. Inspite of that still now BSNL is running as PSU. With the proposal of implementation of the VRS, DOT/Government is trying to disinvest the BSNL as being done in respect of other profit making PSUs viz. BPCL, Container Corporation etc. There are many questions in the mind of the employees regarding pension/pension revision etc. in the post VRS period. But no clear reply has been received from DOT till date clarifying the above points. He stated that AIRBSNLEWA is going to file Court Case with the demand of implementation of Pension Revision for BSNL retirees, who had retired in normal process.

Shri S. Shiva Kumar, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA stated that as per decision of the Government of India, VRS process is going on and the process to be completed by 31st January 2020. But what will be the Road Map to maintain our network in the post VRS scenario from 1st February 2020 is not clear to Unions/Association. AIBSNLEA is taking leading part in the movements calling time to time by AUAB in this regard. Though decision has been taken by the Government for allotment of 4G Spectrum, actually it has not been allotted. No fund arrangement has been made by BSNL management to clear huge dues of vendors, electricity bills, rent of hiring sites etc. This type of attitude of Government towards BSNL is showing us that they are not at all serious for proper functioning and existence of BSNL. Lastly he stated that AIBSLEA will fight the future battle actively under the banner of AUAB.

Shri M.C.Pramanik, G.M.(Marketing), West Bengal Circle in his speech stated that though BSNL is passing through tremendous financial crisis, revenue from EB segment of  the Circle  has been increased remarkably and there is ample scope to increase our market share further in EB segment. He stated further that our Franchises are very important to us from sales point of view, so special attention may be given to maintain good relation with them.         

Smt. Mira Mardi, G.M., Kharagpur SSA  extended thanks to the Executives of Kharagpur SSA for active part taking by them for maintenance of network of the SSA inspite of acute financial crisis.  She pointed out few problem of Kharragpur SSA and requested to CGMT to look into the matter.

 Shri Subhasish Mitra, President, CHQ stressed on the unity of all BSNL employees to fight against the evil force in this crucial juncture and hope BSNL will regain its previous glory.


Shri Prosun Mukhopadhyay, O.S.(East), AIRBSNLEWA  conveyed his thanks to the CS, AIBSNLEA, West Bengal Circle for the Key Note Address delivered by him mentioning the chaotic situation of Telecom Industry in India.  He also expressed his resentment on the activities of Government as well as D.O.T. towards BSNL as a result of which BSNL is passing through the turmoil.  

Shri Vikash Kumar Jaiswal, Asstt. Circle Secretary, SNATTA, West Bengal Circle explained in detail about the problem being faced by their members to run the network smoothly. He also stated that SNATTA, West Bengal Circle will work jointly with AIBSNLEA, West Bengal Circle to overcome any untoward situation which may arise in post VRS period.

Shri Bijoy Krishna Bhattacharya, Chief Advisor, AIBSNLEA, West Bengal Circle stated that after joining of Shri Ramakant Sharma as C.G.M., West Bengal Circle, performance of the Circle has been improved and he conveyed his thanks to Shri Sharma for his praiseworthy activity. He further stated that HR functioning of the Circle is not up to the mark, special attention in this regard required from Circle Administration. He also expressed his worry about functioning of BSNL in post VRS scenario due to shortage of fund as well as shortage of departmental staff.                          

Shri  Susanta Das, Branch Secretary, Kharagpur SSA and host branch of the Circle Conference extended vote of thanks.

Open Session was conducted superbly by Shri Kalyan Halder, President, AIBSNLEA, West Bengal Circle.   


On completion of the Open Session, the house unanimously elected Com. Biswajit Sarkar, A.O(Taxation), Circle Office as President, Com. Amit Kumar Mukherjee, J.T.O(HR), Circle Office as Circle Secretary & Com. Soumen Polley, J.A.O.(Taxation), Circle Office as Treasurer.


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