GS, AIBSNLEA met Director (Finance) BSNL Board on 16.10.2020 and discussed regarding:


(1) Consideration of Regular Promotion in the Cadre of DGM (Finance): GS requested Director (Fin) for the consideration of all DGM (Finance) Adhoc to Regular Promotion. GS explained that the issue was discussed with CMD BSNL, Director (HR) and Director (Finance) from Jan, 2020 onwards in view of the vacuum created due to VRS-19. But there is no initiative has been taken in this regard till date by the Pers. Branch of BSNL CO.


GS further mentioned that as on date only 16 DGM (Finance) Adhoc are working in BSNL as against the Sanctioned Strength of total 402. All Adhoc DGM (Finance) have already completed 4 years of Regular service in CAO (STS Grade) as on 1st Jan 2020 and as per BSNL MS RR- 2009, all are eligible for Regular DGM Promotion. Moreover they have completed 3 to 4 years as Adhoc DGM also and No Financial implication/ monetary benefit will be involved in this promotion. GS handed over the letter written in this regard to CMD BSNL with a copy to Director (Fin). <<<Click here for GS letter>>> 

Director (Fin) positively responded and mentioned that it is under the active consideration of the Management.


(2) Consideration of AO to CAO regular promotion in the light of the DoT OM dated 13.10.2020: GS appraised the Director (Finance) that the Accounts Personnel, from 1996 JAO Batch onwards are waiting for their Promotion to the Grade of CAO despite the fact that vacancies are more than the available eligible Accounts Officers in BSNL. The Promotion for AO to CAO in BSNL is held up due to various Court Cases on Reservation & Seniority issues. AIBSNLEA has continuously pursuing and requesting the BSNL Management for the issuance of Regular Promotion Orders in CAO Cadre in order to fill up the huge vacuum created due to VRS-2019.

In the recent past, DoT has gathered the valuable legal opinion/advice on the specific clarification sought by the Parliamentary Committee on welfare of SCs & STs and SCT Cell of DoT, in consultation with Ministry of Law & Justice, DoP&T and the Attorney General of India has now issued an Office Memorandum dated 13th October, 2020 (copy enclosed for ready reference) regarding Clarifications on the issues relating to Reservation in Promotion for SCs/STs. GS requested Director (Fin) to consider the long awaited AO to CAO regular promotion orders in the light of the orders contained in DoT OM dated 13.10.2020. Director (Fin) assured to look into the matter. <<<Click here for DoT Office Memorandum>>>


(3) GS AIBSNLEA requested Director (Finance) for issuance of Clarification regarding Non-recovery of excess payment made for a period in excess of five years to the retired or due to retire within One Year of the Executives in pursuance to the Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgment. GS appraised the Director (Fin) about the non-following of the instructions of BSNL Corporate Office and Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgment has also not been followed strictly by all the field units and intimated about the contrary order issued by the Estt. Branch of BSNL CO on 20.07.2020, resulting lakhs of Rupees have been recovered from the Ex-gratia Payment paid to the retirees who have gone on VRS under the Scheme of BSNL VRS-2019, in the name of excess payment and in violation of the Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgment. He further pleaded that it is not fair on the part of the BSNL Management to recover the said excess payment made to the employees (who have gone on VRS etc.,) before five years in a biased manner, which would be impermissible in Law and clear deviation from the Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgment as well as BSNL CO instructions.


GS further explained that the issue was discussed with Sr.GM (Estt.) but the Sr.GM (Estt) advised to take up the issue with the Director (Fin). After patient hearing, Director (Fin.) mentioned that he is not aware of the issue. GS immediately handed over the letter already addressed to Director (HR) with a copy to Director (Fin). Director (Fin) assured to look in to the matter. <<<Click here for GS letter>>>


(4) Consideration of request transfers in the Cadre of AGM/CAO/SDE/AO:GS requested Director (Fin.) to consider the pending request transfers in the Cadre of CAO & AO. Director (Fin.) mentioned that it is under consideration and will be finalized after the finalization of Man Power planning and Restructuring of the SSAs and BAs. He further mentioned that the Man Power Planning will be finalized in the next week and after that necessary transfer orders will be issued.



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