Congrats O-JTO Comrades………
 High Court of Kerala uphold FR 22.1.a.1 fixation for  O-JTOs 


On 15-9-2017 Hon.High Court of Kerala  dismissed  WPC 23407/10 & 23850/10 filed by BSNL against the CAT Ernakulam order granting legitimate  fixation under  FR 22 1(a) 1 to officiating JTOs  . 

BSNL filed 14 writ petitions in HONBLE Kerala High court against the FR 22 1(a) 1 pay fixation of officiating JTOs . From  year 2010 onwards these cases are pending with this court . During this period officiating JTOs   of other circles filed for FR 22 1(a)1 protection cases . For all these cases favourable judgment were received from PCAT  New Delhi. However, BSNL  filed appeal in high court of  New Delhi .  New Delhi  high court dismissed this appeal with remarks that it  is  subject to the outcome of  pending cases in high court ofkerala . BSNL  again went to supreme court . Supreme court also dismissed this SLP and  made same remarks that   the outcome of  the case is subjected to the verdict of  kerala Highcourt. Finally 15/09/2017 Honble kerala high court dismissed all 14 petitions with FR 22 1 (a) 1 . Now all officiating JTOS are  eligible for   FR 22 1(a) 1  and no Recovery will happen further on this fixation already done . 

Through this verdict Officiating service protection is also to  be extended to the officiated services along with pending 78.2% fixation to all the erstwhile O-JTO comrades .


Wish a very happy & prosperous retired life to the executives retiring on 30-06-2021


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