17-12-2019 CHQ Meet Summery

The AIBSNLEA CHQ Office bearers along with CS,CP of all circles meeting has been held successfully on 13.12.19 and 14.12.19 at New Delhi.
On the second day 14.12.19, CMD Sri P.K.Purwarji along with GM HR Corp Office have attended the meeting and addressed the gathering.

He spoke approximately for 1 hour 15 minutes and informed all the latest developments at DoT, G.O.I., and at BSNL Corp Office. His speech was really thought provoking and very motivational to all the employee faternity of BSNL.

Salient features of CMD’s address at the meeting:


(1) Government of India is very much keen in giving life to BSNL and DoT is very much supportive for revival of BSNL


(2) While CMD BSNL and secretaries of DoT met the prime minister first time on the agenda of BSNL, the first word that our Honorable PM told was
“थे BSNL लंबे समय तक जीवित रहना है।” and PM has convinced three meetings with group of ministers in the month of October’19 exclusively on the single point Azenda- Revival of BSNL


(3) Home Minister Shri Amith Shaa also very much favour to BSNL and while our CMD requested for 4G spectrum at free of cost, Shaaji replied very positively and Home Minister has gone one step forward and informed to be ready and make all ground level preparation for 5G spectrum also.


(4). Due to this strong support given by Govt of India, We could able to get a historical package of VRS and the package equivalent to 125% of salary of left over service is never in the history of any CPSU and CMD informed that an employee of age 56 and above is getting all his salary through VRS and if time factor is also included then an employee of age 54 and above is getting all his salary through VRS.


(5) As per the call given by managent, 78,569 employees opted for VRS and CMD told “I thank each and every VRS optee from the bottom of my heart for proactive responce on VRS Call”


(6) CMD informed that now the BSNL Organization is in the hands of existing employees. And from FY 2020-21, There is every possibility of BSNL for making turn around and can enter into profit zone.


(7) Right now, We are making only 300 Cr from Tower renting, But this is the area, in which, lot of potential is there to increase the revenues and it is expected to get 2000 Cr in each financial year, as we have 65000 towers PAN India.


(8) Asset monitization is the other segment, where we can achieve more revenues by renting or leasing our lands and buildings. We are expecting to get 1000 Cr per FY and may have little increase in the years to come.


(9) With the success of VRS, Salary bill also reduces by 55%, and this results in saving approx 5000 Cr per FY, However there may be a need to spend some part on Outsourcing, but surely the Outsourcing bill will be very much lesser than the saved salary bill through VRS.


(10) CMD Categorically informed that management will not spare any corruption in the organization.


(11) CMD informed that our BSNL Organization is such an organization which doesn’t need this much huge man power and he said “I am paying 74% of my total revenue towards my employee” cost, where as my competitor is paying only 7-8% of their revenues” and now with the success of VRS, the road for going towards profit has been widened to reach.


(12) CMD informed very categorically that the employees who opted VRS are just like our elders in the family and it is the bounden responsibility of all the rest of the staff to send the VRS Optees very happily and requested all the VRS Optees to continue to help BSNL by guiding, mentoring and supporting the staff of BSNL.


(13) 4G Spectrum and trend of increasing the telecom tariff by all the Telcos are other encouraging factors to race towards profit.


(14) Beside all the above opportunities, the first and foremost prerequisit is employee contribution in profit making. If the employee contribution in dedicated work is not there, then all the above mentioned opportunities will go wasted. Hence, each and every employee of BSNL must work like disciplined soldier, then only BSNL will have turnaround and records a profit in revenues. He once again mentioned that every employee must be ready to work for additional hours (12 hours/day) also. He also emphasized that every employee in BSNL is very much meritorious and came to the company after getting success in tough and very competitive exams and there is no second thought in saying that my BSNL Employee is very much meritorious and talented.If they work hard, surely organization comes into profit.


(15) CMD appears very serious in mentioning the point of work culture and work duration and honestly informed the house that he and his team members at Corporate office is working more than 15 hours/day and ready to work for BSNL in the days to come.


(16). Once company comes into profit, PRC, Medical allowances etc etc wont see any hurdles.


(17) CMD informed that he was one of the main architects in designing a very good fitment in 2nd PRC of BSNL in the year 2008-2009 and it is not hard for all of us to get very good fitment in coming PRCs but before that BSNL has to come to profit.


Later, GM(HR) requested all the participants to popularize and forward all the motivational words of our Honorable CMD to each and every employee notice, so that the company will come into profit within very lesser time.

Finally, We all assured to CMD that all of us will surely work with dedication, determination and devotion.

Finally, meeting concludes with high sound slogans





Wish a very happy & prosperous retired life to the executives retiring on 30-06-2021


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