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Do not blackmail your home, your elder brother and your family, do not hold your home and family to ransom and do not mortgage your home by exploiting the situation and taking advantage of it. That is the worst of all rather highly despicable and abominable that human personality least of all elite class can ever think of doing.


Do not stretch the thread; do an extent where if breaks for consequences of such stretching would be deadly since that stage no one can control fury, wrath and anguish of  masses,  which is slowly but surely brewing and accumulating from exploding and unleashing like a volcano, do not create conditions of civil war and total arm twisting and blackmail. Do not demolish your and our home brick by brick, no one can ever remain mute spectator when he sees him home and heart being demolished. Whether you are aware of it or not but you continuing to stretch the thread in tearing the company into pieces consequences of public anger are just deadly and uncontrollable.


One more danger things are knocking the door as because you are also thinking now for SCF. Brother when an Executive entire in BSNL like JTO/JAO equivalent he is ‘”Dr” after SCF or LICE for next post ie SDE/AO and equivalent then he become PR. 


Do not try to bifurcated DR vs PR or BR vs Absorption.


Brother, you are aware as per Age profile 45 to 60 of BSNL executives as on 30.04.2018. Is 26705 out of 48569. Average age of BSNL employee 50.57 



From WB Circle Association we have gone through the list published on vide letter No. 2-18/2007-Pers-II(PT-I) dated 20/02/2015.


It is observed approx.

Sl.No. Year candidate
1 1994 58
2 1995 345
3 1996 311
4 1997 719
5 1998 831
6 1999 1577
TOTAL 3841



The above fig. included LDCE  passed & VR candidates. Our CHQ also updated status  JTO recruited in the year 1999 may be covered.


Hope for the Best Prepare for the worst






JTO to SDE (T) promotions under SCF quota – Status update


AIBSNLEA’s consistent efforts yielded results as the JTO to SDE (T) promotions orders under SCF quota numbering around 3,200 wherein JTOs recruited in the year 1999 may be covered are expected to be issued by tomorrow after getting the approval from the competent authority.


AIBSNLEA tried to get filled up all vacant 10,000 posts of SDE (T) but the Management took a decision to fill-up only 3,200 posts with respect to the LDCE conducted for the year 2009-10 and 2010-11 and rest of the vacancies they considered as under dispute and therefore left it.  We will continue our efforts to get filled-up all these vacant posts.



Wish a very happy & prosperous retired life to the executives retiring on 30-06-2021


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