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JTO to SDE Promotion – why much more delay and also who has Responsible?

Question is based on Seniority Fix up

1.Observation of SNEA (i) – Seniority fixation in the cadre of erstwhile ESTs ,then JEs and now JTO in erstwhile P&T, DOT and BSNL is being regulated strictly in accordance to the comprehensive instructions elucidated in the order of DG,P&T no 41-2/61-NCG dated 2.3.61 and 299/3/70-STA-11 dated 24.7.73. This arrangement has been and are being made for the last about five decades. This arrangement has been working in such a smooth and flawless manner that not a single litigation in JTO seniority fixation has taken place for the last fifty years. We request you to kindly put on hold immediately the order no 5-38/2009-pers iv dated 25.5.2010 to enable us to focus on shorting out the issue smoothly and expeditiously instead of getting bogged down in endless litigations and creating prolonged stalemate in promotion of JTO totes GrB . We are confident that the matter will be considered with seriousness and urgency it deserves. (letter addressed to Sh D.P.DE GM(EST) by GS SNEA(I) vide no SNEA(i)/CHQ/GM(E)/1/10-10 dated 1.10.10

2. Let check the observation of letter dated 25.5.10 from BSNL.

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3. Let us check the observation one CAT verdict of JABALPUR 15.3.2013…5nos of DR vs BSNL TA no 42/2009
“’He cannot claim seniority from a date when he has not borne in the service. This principle is well settled .In N.K.chauhan vs State of Gujrat(1977)scc308:1977SCC(L&S) 127 Krishna Iyer,J. stated Later direct recruits cannot claim deemed dates of appointment for seniority with effect from the time when direct recruitment vacancy arose. Seniority will depend upon length of service”
“Again.in A.Janardhann vs Union of India (1983)it was held that a later direct recruit cannot claim seniority from a date before his birth in the service or when he was in school or college.”

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4. BSNL observation send to  GS AIGETOA for circle seniority/All India eligibility list of JTO issues raised by AIGETOA vide their letter dated 10.9.2008 & 10.09.2010

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5. Earlier BSNL issued the order Fixation of seniority of GE-JTO-2001 vide no 4-3/01/Trg/pt-11 dated 16-11-06  it has been approved the competent authority that the seniority of GE –JTO-2001 may be fixed on the basis of total marks obtained in the 4 weeks orientation training and 10 weeks phase-1 training. TESA FLASH NOVEMBER 2006 page 13.

6. BSNL issued clarification vide no 5-GENL/AIGETOA /2010-pers-iv dated 17.01.12 point by point with all relevant Rules total 35 nos of ANNEXURES

7. DOPT issued further guidelines for seniority

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Brother, in P&T,DOT,BSNL is the perhaps is the only organizations where direct recruitment or promotion JTO/JAO are to undergo a pre-appointment training before actual appointment .Training depend on accommodation , not to be same time, same period , Training differ from circle to circle etc so on.

8. For more information at a glance see FAQ.

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9. Actually JTO post has been classified as GCS Group “B” “Gezetted” –Non-Ministerial w.e.f 1.9.99 vide no 5-17/99-NCG dated 21.12.99 by DOT.

10. It is also fact that as per PRESIDENTIAL Order for absorption of DOT employees in BSNL vide no 27-1/2001-SNG dtd 13.11.2001 stated that “ para 4 – since, a number of officials are under various stages of Appointment as JTO and decision regarding absorption in JTO cadres is yet to be taken ,such employees can be appointed as JTOs only if their status before appointment remains that a Government servant 

11. Gradation list 1:1 has already been published by our WBT circle vide no SF/TC/P-10/Promotion/2018-19 dated 13.04.2018 as per instruction of BSNL Hq. 

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Knowingly everything’s some people are over smart on the Rule. We know that actually their aim is only to delay the DPC up to the postings of competitive candidates & people behind them know very well that it cannot be a permanent one.
Now it is the right time to tell everybody that all are getting delayed only because of unnecessary, self motivated fabricated and manmade court cases, created by some of our own officers/Associations without knowing the long term effects. People should realize their mistakes them self, otherwise time only will make them realize. But at that time, they, themselves will be under court cases.




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