This information is especially for the SC/ST employees of BSNL but can also be read by the other employees for enhancing their understanding and thus staying away from misleading information if any.

Based on recorded information:

1.On 18.03.2016, BSNL HQ Circulated the Model Guidelines for election at CHQ SEWA BSNL vide no. 65-8/2012-SCT. In which it states that the SC/ST Employee who become member of the SEWA BSNL should not be member of any other trade union.


2.Again on 07.06.2016, BSNL HQ Circulated the same Model Guidelines for election of Circle, SSA and district governing body of SC/ST welfare Association (SEWA) in BSNL vide no. 65-3/2015-SCT (Pt-II).


3.Disagreeing the above, BSNL Employees Union on 05.07.2016 vide their letter no. BSNLEU/200(REGN) had taken up the issue with BSNL HQ under the subject “DENIAL OF TRADE UNION RIGHTS TO THE SC/ST EMPLOYEES OF BSNL”.


4.Sustaining the objection, on 10.03.2017 BSNL HQ issued letter vide no. 65-3/2015-SCT (PT-I) under subject “Model guidelines for election of CHQ SEWA BSNL – Deletion of Sl No. 6, 7 and 8 regarding”. In this letter BSNL HQ categorically stated that items listed against the Sl no. 6, 7 and 8 of model guidelines under letter 18.03.2016 may be treated as deleted.


5.But on 22.03.2017 again CHQ SEWA BSNL immediately wrote to BSNL HQ vide no. SEWA BSNL/CHQ/GENL/2016-18 taking up this issue along with other issue in the form of Resolution like

“The Governing body meeting of SEWA BSNL resolved unanimously to strongly condemn the BSNL Management for deleting the provision i.e. 6,7, and 8 of SEWA BSNL By-Laws without the knowledge of CHQ which is highly illegal, unlawful, frivolous, and unwarranted……………”


6.In reply BSNL HQ on 26.04.2017 informed the GS SEWA BSNL vide no. 65-3/2015-SCT (Pt-I)/202 under mentioned subject “Request from SEWA BSNL For withdrawal of letter no. 65-3/2015-SCT (PT-I) dated 10.3.2017 and clarification thereto” ……………………… “However it is clarified that this office has not altered any provision in original Bye-Laws of SEWA BSNL and the matter has been referred back to the CHQ SEWA BSNL”.

From the above it is clear that SC/ST employees can member of a Trade union / Association as well as SEWA BSNL.


7.During this a lot of controversy and misunderstanding had been take place in between welfare Association and Trade Union/ Service Association. Ultimately BSNL HQ vide no. 65-1/2017-SCT/476 dated 31.08.2017 circulated to all CGMs and all SSA Heads the same letter which was addressed dated 26.04.2017.

    The above point clearly indicates that the demand of SEWA BSNL rejected repeatedly. And thus now it very clear that SC/ST Employees without any hassle can be member of a trade union / Service Association as well as SEWA BSNL (SC/CT Welfare Association). 


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DOT circulated the stay order granted by Hon`ble Jaipur Bench of CAT relating any pay revision and any recoveries.

This case is file by our Advisor of AIBSNLEA CHQ Com. Karan Singh which was reported earlier.


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Conducting DR-JAO in BSNL through competitive Exam. for 996 post. 


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Meeting with GM (Admn) BSNL CO, New Delhi


GS, President and AGS (Finance) met GM (Admn.) and discussed regarding settlement of some pending issues of BSNL pensioner’s viz. Non-payment of medical reimbursement (Without Voucher), Abnormal delay in payment of medical reimbursement (With Voucher), Tracking of Medical bills and formation of Pensioners Relation (PR) Cell. GM (Admn) after detailed discussions assured to take early steps for the settlement of above issues of BSNL pensioner’s.


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