Which is negative force?

Dear Comrades,

Please identify and understand self-proclaimed saviours of BSNL executives who does nothing but malign others.

E1A and E2A replacement by E2 and E3 and subsequent up gradation of pay scales: 

Since beginning, the stand of AIBSNLEA is to extend the E2 and E3 standard pay scales approved by the Cabinet in place of intermediatory pay scales of E1A and E2A. We are continuously pursuing the issue from pillar to post and at all levels in BSNL, DoT and Ministry.

Comrades, it is not the rocket science and nobody needs a superficial knowledge, to understand the ill effects of not upgrading the scales further from E3 to E4, E4 to E5, E5 to E6 and E6 to E7. We believe that JTO/JAO promotions will not end at the level of SDE/AO only but they will be promoted to the higher grades also. AIBSNLEA cannot drop the demand of up-gradation of higher scales up-to E7 grade since it represents all the cadre of BSNL Executives including SDE, Sr. SDE, AO, Sr. AO, DE, CAO, DGM and etc. Whether the members of the so called Majority Association i.e. SDE, Sr. SDE, AO, Sr. AO, DE, CAO, DGM and etc understand the demand of the said Joint Forum for the implementation of standard Pay scales without subsequent up-gradation of Pay scales. So Comrades, we have to educate the comrades, in the so called majority association about the pay loss/pay anomaly and stagnation of pay and ill effects due to the implementation of standard pay scales without subsequent up-gradation of Pay scales of E3 to E7 level and make them to join in the AIBSNLEA who is the real saviour of all the Executives in BSNL. 

Because of the genuineness and the importance of the issue, BSNL Management took the conscious decision to recommend E2 and E3 pay scales in replacement of pre- revised E1A and E2A and upgrading the scales from E2 to E3, E3 to E4, E4 to E5, E5 to E6 and E6 to E7 to the administrative ministry. Despite the negative pressure applied by the majority association, the BSNL management in response to the clarification sought by the DoT, has not dropped the earlier proposal dated 6.6.2016 of up gradation of pay scales and it has categorically  reiterated the need for implementing subsequent up gradation of pay scales. BSNL management has requested DOT for E2 and E3 pay scales in replacement of pre-revised E1A and E2A.

Part-I of the proposal in BSNL‘s letter dated 6.6.2016 for replacement of E1A and E2A with E2 & E3 is a residual issue of 2nd PRC and may be approved. The Part-II of BSNL’s proposal will be taken up at the time of 3rd PRC.

The so called majority Executive Association also gave a call of agitation for the same demands and withdraw it without any fruitful out come during Feb’2017 which strengthened DOT  to ignore the protest of BSNL Executives. The fact remains that efforts were taken by the same Executive Association in the month of Dec, 2016 and Jan, 2017 and they impressed upon the BSNL Management to victimize the CHQ/Circle /Distt. level Office bearers of United Forum by issuing the memorandum & deduction of salary for two days on 27th & 28th Dec, 2016 for participating in Dharna conducted for the same demand of up-gradation pay scales. Such type of actions strengthened the BSNL/DOT management to conveniently ignore the genuine grievances of executives in BSNL.

10 years in E3 Scale: 

All the executives including the first Batch of JTOs/JAOs recruited in the year 2001 and 2002 will have to remain in E3 scale for 10 years proposed by BSNL Management on the demand of majority Association double pay fixation in E-3 scale is against the pay fixation rules of DoP&T. It is also in violation of Executive Promotion Policy because as per EPP, all time bound promotions are to take place after each 5 years in the next higher grade.  Is it acceptable to so called Majority Association members? We are not short sighted organization and we analyse the ill effects which are going to affect all the executives and young comrades in particular.

CPSU hierarchy and MT recruitment: 

The BSNL management took more than two years and understood that it has finalized the CPSU hierarchy in consultation with the majority association.  It appears that the recommendations are not based on the agreed policy initiated by Khan Committee. The recruitment of MT which is the hidden agenda of BSNL management and the majority association is colluded with the Management and supporting MT recruitment. The so called saviours of Engineers have to come out with black and white for debate in this regard. We will fight it out with tooth and nail and will not allow these negative forces to spoil the future of BSNL executives especially our talented young comrades. MT recruitment is nothing but the entry of old ITS RR and because of this, the entire executives could not get even two promotions in their carrier. We will not allow this mental stress to continue for younger comrades.

Thus, all the Executives may understand that who are the negative forces and what their hidden agenda is and come out from the self-proclaimed saviours association and join in the AIBSNLEA which is always working for the betterment of all the Executives.



Wish a very happy & prosperous retired life to the executives retiring on 30-06-2021


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