Regarding CPSU Cadre Hierarchy’s

The Majority Association is now again busy in sugar coating the quinine pill on behalf of Management.


They claim that the formal discussion have taken place only with Recognized Association as per provisions of Recognition Rules. According to them, SNEA (I) alone have the right to negotiation / discussion with the management on such policy. But the actual fact is that Management had already consulted with the General Secretaries of Association of BSNL in this regard date wise like 13/11/2017 – AIBSNLOA, 14/11/2017 – SEWA, 15/11/2017 – AIBSNLEA, 16/11/207 – SNEA (I), 28/11/2017 – AIGETOA, 28/11/2017 – BBOA, 29/11/2017 – AITEEA, 29/11/2017 BEA of BSNL, 29/11/2017 – Association of BSNL LDCE Executives.

The CPSU Cadre Hierarchy’s draft had been placed several times earlier:

1. First draft of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy was placed vide no. 4-5/2011 – Restg dated 01-07-2013.
2. Second draft was placed vide no. 4-5/2011 – Restg vol – II dated 14/03/2014.
3. Third draft was placed vide no. 400 – 33/2012 – Per I dated 20-10-16.
4. Fourth and Last draft was placed after a long drama 2nd Nov 2017 with the notification like BSNL Executive promotion policy amendment of RR – 2017.

A group of executives filled a case at Hon’ble CAT Ernakulum Bench. The Hon’ble CAT stay granted upto 20/12/2017 with a direction that the Board of BSNL will have the liberty to deliberate and take a decision on the scheme. However it was further directed that any action consequent to such approval if given, will be initiated only after 10 days of publication of the scheme in its approved form in the official website of BSNL.
Regarding AIBSNLEA, our stand is always veryclear, we had already given our para wise suggestions on 15/11/2017. We are in favour for the implementation of the “KHAN COMMITTEE”recommendation in true sense. 

Actually, all most all the Association against the CPSU Policy except SNEA (I). Once it was finalized in the month of Nov’ 2017 and claim it was SNEA (I) victory. On the other hand, now also they claiming this will be major breakthrough and various reasons Association could not update the latest developments.

If it is major breakthrough, now the question is that
(a) Why had they agreed to the earlier proposal?
(b) If now it is a major breakthrough, then question is for whom, is it for AIBSNLEA or SNEA (I)?
(c) Will the officer be eligible for 12 years instead of 7 years?
(d) Will the MT recruitment be continued or not?
(e) Why much more deviation from “KHAN COMMITTEE” ?
(f) Why not Designation has given under EPP like

Dy Manager(JTO/JAO equivalent) to Manager(SDE/AO equivalent) to Sr Manager(Sr SDE/Sr AO equivalent) to Asst General Manager (AGM/CAO/EE equivalent) without linking with availability of posts ?
(g) Question is so on…………………………


Brothers most of the Executives are confused on structure and benefits on implementation of this CPSU Hierarchy.
Finally on the point of secrecy, we have earlier experienced on management formulating detrimental orders / schemes secretly. This is first time in our service life that we are seeing the majority Association is also becoming a part of the secret mission for damaging the cadre which they represent.


Why is SNEA (I) so over active for the Executives, who were qualified about goal (?) in the new proposal. Executives are qualified enough to understand themselves, what is good and what is bad for them. Then why this extra initiative? When EPP was drafted there was no need for secrecy and education. Then question came why now? It indicated is there any hidden agenda?
We appeal to Majority Association to please stop such action to damage the entire Executive cadre for may be some fringe benefit for some people .


“Ultimate gain is Reduction of staff strength as per HR Plan”.


Wish a very happy & prosperous retired life to the executives retiring on 30-06-2021


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