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AIBSNLEA Stand on Standard Pay Scales issue and clarification.

Dear Comrades,

AIBSNLEA is sincerely trying for the last so many years for the effective and practical implementation of Standard pay scales (E2- for JTO/JAO and Equivalent cadres and E3 – for SDE/AO and Equivalent cadres). While the discussion came up initially, from several sources it was evident that without cascading effect (E3 by E4, E4 by E5, E5 by E6 and E6 by E7) it cannot be implemented in BSNL. If at all standard pay scale is implemented without cascading effect, its damn sure that so many litigations will be filed in the courts due to the deadly issues of junior/ senior, heavy pay loss to the executives in the E2A scale, on the wedge of getting E3 compared to the executives at the beginning of E2A Scale and also holding an executive for 10 years in E3 scale is unlike any other PSUs. Thus practically the court cases will stop the implementation of Standard pay scales without cascading effect like so many promotions of JTO/SDE are stopped through court intervention. In addition to these many of senior executives are stagnating for the last couple of years without any annual increment.

By foreseeing these realties, AIBSNLEA took a stand since beginning for the implementation of standard pay scales with cascading effect because we want to implement this for the benefits of all the BSNL executives. More over, this implementation of standard pay scales with cascading effect is doubly benefitting for the young talents of BSNL working in the non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A. Those who want to see that standard pay scales are not implemented in BSNL at any cost, can only opt for implementation of standard pay scales without cascading effect. During the agitation of United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA ,Management Committee of BSNL Board deliberated over the issue at length and decided to recommend up-gradation of pay scales of E3, E4, E5 & E6 for Sr. SDE, AGM, DGM and SG-DGM and equivalent posts to E4, E5, E6 & E7 respectively w.e.f. 01.01.2007. Accordingly the proposal was sent to DoT vide letter number 1-13/2015-PAT (BSNL) dated 06.06.2016 for approval. But now the Majority Association is trying to get withdrawn the proposal and want to restrict the upgradation up to E2 and E3 Scales only. Hence they are harming the interest of all the BSNL Executives.

In spite of this, while DOT rejected the proposal of implementation of standard pay scales with cascading effect, AIBSNLEA also took a stand with the demand for implementation of standard pay scales without cascading effect with an expectation and symptoms that DOT will approve. DOT did not consider even implementation of E2 and E3 Pay Scales without cascading effect and approved E-1A and E-2A intermediatory Pay Scales.

But, what happened next is the outright rejection of the proposal. Who is responsible for this catastrophe? After referendum, one association, self-proclaimed as saviours of BSNL and BSNL executives, is recognised as Majority association gave trade union notice for the implementation standard pay scales for E2 & E3 alone to DOT and at a later stage withdrawn their demand for the reason known to them. When a recognised association demanding something and at a later stage unconditionally withdrawing the demands does clearly indicating that they are not serious on the demand of getting standard pay scales to BSNL Executives. This only triggered DOT to pronounce Presidential Orders for unwanted E1/E2 scales. How that association can wash off their hands? Do they think they can eye wash others from their calculated move by yelling and shedding crocodile tears in public after things are happened as per their wish ?

Now what a responsible association has to do? AIBSNLEA is doing for the benefits of all the executives without giving any scope for litigations. ….  …….  …..

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