Circle Office Bearer

The following Circle Office Bearers have been elected in the 6th Circle Conference held on 23rd & 24th November 2019 at Digha, East Midnapur in presence of AIBSNLEA CHQ Leaders.

1. President Sri Biswajit Sarkar AO(Taxation), Circle office, Kolkata. 9433400005


Vice President Sri Debabrata Dutta, JTO(NIB),  Berhampur 9434850666
3. Vice President Shri P. K Sinha, PA, Burdwan Division, Burdwan 9434744759
4. Circle Secretary Sri Amit Kumar Mukherjee, JTO(HR), Circle Office, Kolkata 9434070045
5. AssistantCircle Secretary Sri Sandip Sadhu, A.O(EB), Circle Office, Kolkata 9434735890
6. AssistantCircle Secretary Sri Biswarup Das, SDE(NIB), ETR, Kolkata 9432001712
7. AssistantCircle Secretary Sri Anupam Sadhukhan. JTO(CFA), Kalachara, Kolkata SSA 9476120200
8. AssistantCircle Secretary Sri Pradip Jana, JTO(CFA), Hijli, Kharagpur SSA 9434762764
  9. Organising Secretary Sri Swarup Dey, JAO, Siliguri 9434207555
10. Organising Secretary Sri Rakesh Prakash Gupta(S), JAO, Burdwan Division 7439469821
11. Organising Secretary Sri Avijit Khamrui, AO(CA), ETP, Kolkata 9432000907
12. Organising Secretary Sri Binobaditya Shaoo, JTO(BB), Kharagpur SSA 9434111032
13. Financial Secretary Sri Soumen Polley, JAO(Taxation), Circle Office, Kolkata         9434107132
14. Auditor (Nominated) Sri Jitendra Das, JAO(EB), Circle Office, Kolkata 9038595389
Central Working Committee Members
1. Shri Jagadish Paul, JTO(CM), Circle Office, Kolkata 9475014404
2. Sri Sharjeel Sattar, JAO(IA), Circle Office, Kolkata 9434135158


Wish a very happy & prosperous retired life to the executives retiring on 30-06-2021


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