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Our Circle Secretary, Circle President with circle body met CGM/WBTC and discuss the Following matter…

  1. To extend the BSNL EPP ( Promotion Policy) E1-E2 or E2-E3 on-line exam for all executive for next one year or further situation become normal/improve, whichever will be earlier.
  2. To Set back 2nd membership verification due to Covid-19 pandemic situation. < Click here for Letter>

CGM/WBTC here all matter and assure to take necessary steps reading this issue.


Our CS, Mr. Amit kumar Mukherjee write a letter To CGM/WBTC regarding delay in salary for every month and request to timely pay salary with other perks. < Click here for Letter>


Our CS, Mr. Amit kumar Mukherjee write a letter To CGM/WBTC regarding COVID-19 pandemic situation increase current time thus difficulties in canvasing and poles 2nd MVP on august 2020 < Click here for Letter>



















S.N 1 (we are always number 1)


Our GS write to CMD regarding deffer and Conduct of 2nd MVP – Difficulties in Canvassing and exercising of votes by Executives. < Click for Letter>

Our GS write to CMD Request for extension of time line for initiation, reporting & reviewing the eAPAR for the financial year 2019-20 up to 15.08.2020, 31.08.2020 & 30.09.2020 respectively due to Covid-19 and continuous Lockdown. <Click here for Letter>


SR Cell, CO BSNL issued final list of eligible Associations for 2nd Membership Verification (MV) for electing majority representative Associations of Executives in BSNL. <Click here for letter>


Out West Bengal AIBSNLEA Circle Secretary, Mr. Amit Kumar Mukherjee write a letter to Our CGM/WBTC regading Extension of medical facilities to the COVID19 affected Staffs and requested sanitize of CTO and TCO building  whether proper measures were adopted for complete sensitization as per government norms on disinfection of office spaces. <Letter1> <Letter2>


Our Beloved Circle Secretary Mr. Amit Kumar Mukherjee, write a letter to to our GS, AIBSNLEA, for long pending burning issue of direct recruited employee to consider on priority basis at CHQ level and take up with BSN management for immediate implementation. Click here for Letter.


Our GS, AIBSNLEA write letter to CMD about Request for grant 5 (five) advance increments on the minimum revised E1 IDA Pay Scaleof Rs.16400-40500  to the SRD TOs 2010 batch, LDCE JAOs 2013 batch Directly recruited JAOs of 2015 and 2018 Batch and LDCE JAOs  2016 batch & LDCE JTOs 2017 batch. Click here for Letter.


Wish a very happy & prosperous retired life to the executives retiring on 31-07-2020.


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