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 Promotion to the Grade of AGM/DE


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SDE to DE promotion orders – un-accessed cases:

Comrades, attached list is a list of un-accessed cases.


All the Branch Secretaries are requested to forward screening committee report in single excel file itself (list 5, 6,7, 8 in separate sheets, if possible of all pending cased urgently by tomorrow to AGM (DPC), BSNL Corporate Office positively.


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Congratulations !!! SDE(C) to EE(C) promotion orders issued:

AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released Promotion in the grade of EE(C)/AGM or equivalent…

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Congratulations !!! JTO(C) to SDE(C) promotion orders issued:

AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released Regular Promotion in the grade of SDE(C) under Seniority cum Fitness Stream 

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Congratulations !!! SDE (E) to EE (E) promotion orders issued:

AIBSNLEA’s consistent efforts yielded result in getting released promotion orders to the grade of EE (Electrical) on Regular basis with immediate effects. AIBSNLEA congratulates all the promote officers.

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Circle Office(WBTC) Promotion  and Posting Order JAO to AO

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Congratulations !!! AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released Regular Promotion and postings of the Executive in the grade of AGM/DE of Telecom Operation Stream in the IDA scale of pay of Rs. 29100-54500/=  ….<<Click here for  order>>> (SC/ST List)


Congratulations !!! AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released Promotion and posting of Executives in the grade of AGM/DE of Telecom Factory Stream in the IDA scale of pay of Rs 29100-54500/-<<<Click here for list>>>


Congratulations !!! AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released Promotion of JTOs (TF) to the grade of SDE (TF) in B.S.N.L. against 67% seniority-cum-fitness quota (Promotion quota) <<<Click here for list>>>


Congratulations !!! AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released Regular Promotion and postings of the Executive in the grade of AGM/DE of Telecom Operation Stream in the IDA scale of pay of Rs. 29100-54500/=

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AIBSNLEA is thankful to CMD BSNL, Director(HR), BSNL Board, GM(Pers.), OSD to Director(HR) and other officers in Pers. Section New Delhi, all the HR team of various Circles for the same.


Felicitation meeting to Sri R.K. Mittal Director CM on His retirement in 29th June’18 By AIBSNLEA. <<Click Here For Glimpses>>  


Congratulations !!! Promotion & Posting Orders from JAO to AO are issued….<<<Click Here for  Order(All Pages)>>> 


Implementation of FR 22( 1) (a) (i) for  officiating    JTO


It is brought to our notice that Majority Association of WBT circle is propaganding that WB circle Management has introduced the order of pay fixation under FR 22(1)(a)(i) as per order dated 22.12.15.

It is also reported in the meeting during CEC on 9.6.18 that 22.12.15 was not in the original order of BSNL HQ. for SNEA members . It is completely false & baseless .Actually it was happen due to trifling knowledge over the issue. They never did anything for officiating JTO.

We are reproducing the order issued from BSNL HQ

  1. Order issued for members of AIBSNLEA WBT Circle. Singed on 04.09.15. << Click for Order>>
  2. Order issued for members of SNEA(I) Singed on 22.02.17 <<Click for Order>> <<Click for Order>>
  3. Order issued for members of AIBSNLEA Karnataka Circle   Singed on 09.08.17 <<Click For Order>>
  4. Order issued for members of AIBSNLEA TN Circle    Singed on 09.08.17 <<Click For Order>>

From the above orders, it is clear that order dated 22.12.15 was only mentioned for SNEA. For AIBSNLEA that was not mentioned before or after SNEA order.


Actually they are not at all sincere to solved this problem .they completely depends on AIBSNLEA

as such they are not having much more knowledge over the issue. JTOs belongs to their ASSOCIATION can analyses the true with the ongoing developments. Their main aim to badger the Executives.


As Management decided to implement DPC first there after CPSU due to constant persuasion by AIBSNLEA CHQ.
Now they have started to force their members to go to court only to stop all the DPC.


It is really saddened to report that SNEA , the so called Majority Association , Publishing   sentimental news against AIBSNLEA to masquerade their false face .

            AIBSNLEA DS  of kottayam Branch has been called by  some of his batch mates belongs to SNEA  informed about their move to claim their promotion along with CPC covering JAOs up to 2013 and sought his joing also as he is a lone member of AIBSNLEA in that batch .Though this batch of JAOs  belonging to JAO batch 2012 ,they have been trained in 2016. Being informed that all his batch mates are moving together for their claim, he was requested to join . Before signing DS was reassured that the case is for considering  their   promotion alone .

          From SNEA site only he could understand that his signature has been  used for the stay purpose also along with  other Non-AIBSNLEA Members . By understanding the trap move of another association Com.DS rushed today morning to Ernakulam and withdrawn his signature on today morning itself.

           Dear Com…As you are all aware of , AIBSNLEA is the only association fighting for the CPC before CCH . Another association was hibernating from CPC and fighting for CCH . Now its decided to conduct all pending CPC before CCH implementation as demanded by AIBSNLEA for the benefits of all executives of BSNL for the smooth implementation of CCH. To cover the natural back to back failure  of another association on all their stands detrimental to BSNL executives  mud sliding a gentle association is not fair.

Request of withdrawal to Advocate by DS  Kottayam  Com. Babu C Nair <<Click Here>>





GS SNEA(I) Writes Against GS AIBSNLEA   Click the letter



When BSNL management has issued transfer orders of SNEA(I) CHQ/Circle/ District Level office bearers , contemplating charge sheets, dies non with break in service etc based on the recommendation of NCSC –Protested by G.S. AIBSNLEA   Click Here for the letter





Deferment of Demonstration program on 27.06.2018 during Lunch Hours.


In view of the assurances given by the Director (HR) during its meeting with AIBSNLEA, SNEA, AIGETOA and SEWA to conduct maximum CPCs before notification of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, it has been decided to defer the Lunch Hour Demonstration at all Circle/SSA HQs and BSNL Corporate Office on 27.06.2018.




Change of circle posting on promotion in JTO to SDE (T) both (SCF and LDCE quota):


All the DSs are requested to collect and send the representations of recently promoted SDE telecom through SCF quota and LDCE quota for their change of posting as per their request to CHQ for consideration and pursuance.








Due to different quarries asking from the field unit, Our circle Advisor try to collect the pending promotion due status from which date Executives are waiting for next post base promotion under WBT only.


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NOTE – As per Court verdict JTO Recruitment YEAR 1999 at all india level is still pending ,all sc& st Covered but 178 is still left out.
The figure after deduction of retaired officers. Our WBT circle 1999 year of recruitment is completed.


It is most unfortunate that nothing is available for AD(OL),Sorry Brother





Meeting with Director (HR), BSNL Board:

Director (HR), BSNL Board in the presence of GM (Pers.), Jt. GM(Pers.) and OSD to Director (HR) conducted a meeting with the representatives of AIBSNLEA, SNEA, AIGETOA and SEWA and apprised the status of CPCs process of various disciplines as under:

Telecom Factory wing:

a.  JTO (TF) to SDE (TF) CPCs to be completed by 30.06.2018 for 53 SDE(TF) posts

b.  SDE (TF to AGM (TF): 12  AGM(TF) post are being filled up by 30.06.2018.

Civil wing:

a.  JTO (C) to SDE(C): 85 SDE(C) posts are being filled up by 30.06.2018

b.  SDE(C) to EE(C):  155 posts of EE(C) are to be filled up but there is stay orders from Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh for implementation of Catch-up Rule, wherein BSNL is filling Writ Petitions in Hon’ble High Court within 2-3 days in accordance with the recent Judgement of Hon’ble Supreme Court on SC/ST roster and DOP&T guidelines. After filling the writ petition promotion order will be issued subject to outcome of court case.

Electrical wing :

a.  JTO (E) to SDE (E): 126 SDE (E) posts will be filled up by 30th June 2018. VCR have been called for.

b.  SDE (E) to EE (E): 130 EE (E) posts will be filled up by 30.06.2018.

Arch wing:

a.  JTO to SDE (Arch): One vacant post will be filled up by 30.06.2018

b.  SDE to EE (Arch.): no vacay is there for SDE to EE(Arch.).

Accounts wing:

a.  JAO to AO: 2397 AO posts are being filled up by up-gradation of 1400 JAO post to AO post by 30.06.2018

b.  AO to CAO: 335 regular vacancies, 284 CAO posts got vacated on DGM Adhoc promotion, 336 MT quota posts to be utilized. Therefore, 955 CAO posts are to be filled. GM (FP) told that efforts are being made to fill up these vacant posts after getting clearance from Pers. Cell, filling the writ petition in the Hon’ble high court Chandigarh against the stay order granted on Catch-up Rule and filling MA in the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh on the basis of recent Supreme Court judgement and DOP&T instructions. GM (FP) assured an early action in this regard.  We further requested to promote all the eligible AOs to CAOs by up-gradations.

Telecom Engineering Wing:

a.  JTO (T) to SDE (T): We expressed our serious concerned against non-filling up of the vacant SDE (T) posts by the eligible JTOs . JTO recruited in the year 1999 is still waiting for its first promotion after a gap of 19 years. This is the most frustrating and de-motivating situation wherein other streams up to 2013 recruited executive are getting promotions. To bring parity among the cadres, it is required to promote all the JTOs recruited up to year 2013 and having requisite eligible service. Director HR appreciated our concern and directed GM (Pers) and Jt. GM (Pers) to examine and process the case for CPC immediately.

b.  SDE (T) to DE (T): Jt GM (Pers) informed that CPC has been processed to fill up 4887 posts (1782 regular and 3105 through up-gradation ). He further mentioned that there is no stalemate in the CPC and efforts are being made to issue before 30th June, 2018.


While concluding, Director (HR) mentioned that being the HR head she has to take care of all the cadres equally. She assured that efforts will be made to expedite above CPCs at the earliest.

We extended our sincere gratitude and thanks to Director (HR) for her kind concern towards executives.





Proposal of BSNL for implementation of 3rd PRC by relaxing affordability criteria.

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GS writes:

Notice for holding of Demonstration on 27.6.2018 under protest for holding of CPCs before notification of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. 

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AIBNSLEA Central Office Bearers, Advisors, Consultants and Circle Secretaries meeting at New Delhi on 28th and 29th June 2018.


AIBSNLEA decided to hold its Central Office Bearers, Advisors, Consultants and Circle Secretaries meeting at New Delhi on 28th and 29th June 2018 to discuss the status for holding of all the CPCs in all the disciplines to fill-up all vacant Group “B” and Group “A” level posts in various disciplines before notification of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy.


The situation has warranted us to hold this emergent meeting of Central Office Bearers, Advisors, Consultants and Circle Secretaries meeting at New Delhi on 28th and 29th June 2018 wherein the so called majority Association is detrimental to the interests of executives. They are mis-leading the executives that the CPCs may take two years or more time in completing the process whereas Comrade GS has discussed in detail with Director (HR) regarding conduction of CPCs and she has categorically mentioned that in the recent meeting of all the cadre controlling officers, a road map has been decided to expedite all the CPCs in a time bound manner for all disciplines i.e. Telecom / Finance / Civil / Electrical / Architect / Telecom Factory wings before 15the July 2018. And, she has categorically told that before 30th June 2018 only 20% CPCs conduction is possible. And, after notification of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy the CPC process has to be stopped.


In view of this situation, AIBSNLEA has decided to hold demonstrations on 27th June 2018 during Lunch Hours at all SSA/Circle HQs and BSNL Corporate Office level.


The necessary notices for the aforesaid meeting and holding of demonstrations on 27th June will be issued shortly.


All the District Secretaries are requested to participate with full zeal and enthusiasm in these programs and make it a grand success.


JAOs induction training Phase-III will be held at CTTC Kolkata from 13/08/2018 to 14/09/2018.


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JAOs induction training Phase-III postpone from 02/07/2018 to 03/08/2018.


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JAOs induction training Phase-III (5 weeks) Departmental candidates against LICE for promotion to the grade of 40% quota held on 17/07/2016 Training commencing from 02/07/2018 to 03/08/2018.

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IDA scale up gradation of Executives absorbed in BSNL under Time bound Executive Promotional Policy under WBTC.


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The persons/Association who were working against promotion & only aim to fight in Hon’bl Court. They have filled MA in Hon’bl Court challenging the promotion order issued by BSNL H/Q dated 15/06/2018.

  • * MONEY BIGGEST MONEY *       



What is the different between AIBSNLEA & SNEA




Demanding all the pending promotion for all the Cadre SHOULD be finalized before implementation of CPSU cadre Hierarchy.   Demanding to implement CPSU      cadre Hierarchy on or before         01/07/2018 as per CWC decision.



  What is the secret agenda with     CPSU. Why they are to much fast. They have committed anything to    Administration which is purely      secret?


Promotion of JTOs (T) to the grade of SDE (T) in B.S.N.L. against 67% seniority-cum-fitness quota (Promotion quota) for the vacancy years 2009-10 & 2010-11 


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Timely completion and proper maintenance of APAR and communication of all entries to executives for fairness and transparency in public administration under Telecom Finance of BSNL:

BSNL Corporate Office once again requested to arrange to forward the APARs of all Telecom Finance Executives up to the period ending 31,03,2017 immediately. It has been reported that APARs of 638 Executives up to 16-17 is still awaited desipte issuance of the reminders on 26.11.2016, 16.06.2017, 01.09.2017, 27.10.2017, 27.12.2017, 08.02.2018 and 06.06.2018.

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All the Br. Secretaries are requested to kindly arrange to sent the requisite information to BSNL Corporate Office at the earliest.


 Promotions to the grade of EE (Electrical):

BSNL Corporate Office has forwarded a list of missing APARs and requested to complete the same at the earliest latest by 20.06.2018 

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All the Br. Secretaries are requested to kindly arrange to sent the requisite information to BSNL Corporate Office at the earliest. 


 Promotions to the grade of EE (Civil):

BSNL Corporate Office has requested to review and keep ready the APARs of eligible executives and update it till 2016-17.

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All the Br. Secretaries are requested to kindly arrange to update the desired APAR folders  at the earliest.



Promotion of JTOs(T) to the grade of SDE(T) in BSNL against 67% SCF Quota in ETR.


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Promotion of JTOs(T) to the grade of SDE(T) in BSNL against 67% SCF Quota.


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SC/ST Reservation In Promotions:

Supreme Court  Permits Govt. To Proceed With ‘As Per The Law’ Till The Decision Of Constitution Bench.




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Pers Cell of BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued order regarding Implementation of the Hon. HC Kerala Order dated 05.06.2018  


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Preparatory work for promotion to AGM/DE(T) on Adhoc / Regular basis.

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Congratulations!! AIBSNLEA’s untiring and persistent efforts yielded result in getting released Promotion orders of JTO (T) [3089 nos.]  to the grade of SDE (T) in B.S.N.L against 67% seniority-cum-fitness quota (Promotion quota) –  ….

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<<<<Annexure- II>>>


<<<<Annexure- III>>>


<<<Annexure I & II In .xls Format>>>

<<<Annexure III In .xls Format>>>


AIBSNLEA is thankful to CMD, BSNL, Director (HR) BSNL Board, GM (Pes.), GM(SR), GM(CLO), Jt. GM (Pers), OSD to Director (HR), BSNL Board and all concerned Pers. Cell Staff for issuing the above promotion orders..



Oh!  BR /DR – Association


Do not blackmail your home, your elder brother and your family, do not hold your home and family to ransom and do not mortgage your home by exploiting the situation and taking advantage of it. That is the worst of all rather highly despicable and abominable that human personality least of all elite class can ever think of doing.


Do not stretch the thread; do an extent where if breaks for consequences of such stretching would be deadly since that stage no one can control fury, wrath and anguish of  masses,  which is slowly but surely brewing and accumulating from exploding and unleashing like a volcano, do not create conditions of civil war and total arm twisting and blackmail. Do not demolish your and our home brick by brick, no one can ever remain mute spectator when he sees him home and heart being demolished. Whether you are aware of it or not but you continuing to stretch the thread in tearing the company into pieces consequences of public anger are just deadly and uncontrollable.


One more danger things are knocking the door as because you are also thinking now for SCF. Brother when an Executive entire in BSNL like JTO/JAO equivalent he is ‘”Dr” after SCF or LICE for next post ie SDE/AO and equivalent then he become PR. 


Do not try to bifurcated DR vs PR or BR vs Absorption.


Brother, you are aware as per Age profile 45 to 60 of BSNL executives as on 30.04.2018. Is 26705 out of 48569. Average age of BSNL employee 50.57 



From WB Circle Association we have gone through the list published on vide letter No. 2-18/2007-Pers-II(PT-I) dated 20/02/2015.


It is observed approx.

Sl.No. Year candidate
1 1994 58
2 1995 345
3 1996 311
4 1997 719
5 1998 831
6 1999 1577
TOTAL 3841



The above fig. included LDCE  passed & VR candidates. Our CHQ also updated status  JTO recruited in the year 1999 may be covered.


Hope for the Best Prepare for the worst






JTO to SDE (T) promotions under SCF quota – Status update


AIBSNLEA’s consistent efforts yielded results as the JTO to SDE (T) promotions orders under SCF quota numbering around 3,200 wherein JTOs recruited in the year 1999 may be covered are expected to be issued by tomorrow after getting the approval from the competent authority.


AIBSNLEA tried to get filled up all vacant 10,000 posts of SDE (T) but the Management took a decision to fill-up only 3,200 posts with respect to the LDCE conducted for the year 2009-10 and 2010-11 and rest of the vacancies they considered as under dispute and therefore left it.  We will continue our efforts to get filled-up all these vacant posts.



Looking after arrangement for the post of SDE (Telecom).

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Circulation of Provisional Seniority of SDEs(T) list-8 of WBTC.

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Information regarding SDE on substantive & look after basis.

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Circle Secretary , Asst. Circle Secretary & Br.Secretary (T/S & T/F) met CGM(T/F) regarding long pending transfer cases of Mr. N.C. Mukherjee, AGM(L/A),KGP.


All members are requested to check/update the “Seen & Agreed” column in APAR in ESS portal. It is a mandatory requirement for promotion.




JTO to SDE Promotion – why much more delay and also who has Responsible?

Question is based on Seniority Fix up

1.Observation of SNEA (i) – Seniority fixation in the cadre of erstwhile ESTs ,then JEs and now JTO in erstwhile P&T, DOT and BSNL is being regulated strictly in accordance to the comprehensive instructions elucidated in the order of DG,P&T no 41-2/61-NCG dated 2.3.61 and 299/3/70-STA-11 dated 24.7.73. This arrangement has been and are being made for the last about five decades. This arrangement has been working in such a smooth and flawless manner that not a single litigation in JTO seniority fixation has taken place for the last fifty years. We request you to kindly put on hold immediately the order no 5-38/2009-pers iv dated 25.5.2010 to enable us to focus on shorting out the issue smoothly and expeditiously instead of getting bogged down in endless litigations and creating prolonged stalemate in promotion of JTO totes GrB . We are confident that the matter will be considered with seriousness and urgency it deserves. (letter addressed to Sh D.P.DE GM(EST) by GS SNEA(I) vide no SNEA(i)/CHQ/GM(E)/1/10-10 dated 1.10.10

2. Let check the observation of letter dated 25.5.10 from BSNL.

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3. Let us check the observation one CAT verdict of JABALPUR 15.3.2013…5nos of DR vs BSNL TA no 42/2009
“’He cannot claim seniority from a date when he has not borne in the service. This principle is well settled .In N.K.chauhan vs State of Gujrat(1977)scc308:1977SCC(L&S) 127 Krishna Iyer,J. stated Later direct recruits cannot claim deemed dates of appointment for seniority with effect from the time when direct recruitment vacancy arose. Seniority will depend upon length of service”
“ A.Janardhann vs Union of India (1983)it was held that a later direct recruit cannot claim seniority from a date before his birth in the service or when he was in school or college.”

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4. BSNL observation send to  GS AIGETOA for circle seniority/All India eligibility list of JTO issues raised by AIGETOA vide their letter dated 10.9.2008 & 10.09.2010

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5. Earlier BSNL issued the order Fixation of seniority of GE-JTO-2001 vide no 4-3/01/Trg/pt-11 dated 16-11-06  it has been approved the competent authority that the seniority of GE –JTO-2001 may be fixed on the basis of total marks obtained in the 4 weeks orientation training and 10 weeks phase-1 training. TESA FLASH NOVEMBER 2006 page 13.

6. BSNL issued clarification vide no 5-GENL/AIGETOA /2010-pers-iv dated 17.01.12 point by point with all relevant Rules total 35 nos of ANNEXURES

7. DOPT issued further guidelines for seniority

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Brother, in P&T,DOT,BSNL is the perhaps is the only organizations where direct recruitment or promotion JTO/JAO are to undergo a pre-appointment training before actual appointment .Training depend on accommodation , not to be same time, same period , Training differ from circle to circle etc so on.

8. For more information at a glance see FAQ.

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9. Actually JTO post has been classified as GCS Group “B” “Gezetted” –Non-Ministerial w.e.f 1.9.99 vide no 5-17/99-NCG dated 21.12.99 by DOT.

10. It is also fact that as per PRESIDENTIAL Order for absorption of DOT employees in BSNL vide no 27-1/2001-SNG dtd 13.11.2001 stated that “ para 4 – since, a number of officials are under various stages of Appointment as JTO and decision regarding absorption in JTO cadres is yet to be taken ,such employees can be appointed as JTOs only if their status before appointment remains that a Government servant 

11. Gradation list 1:1 has already been published by our WBT circle vide no SF/TC/P-10/Promotion/2018-19 dated 13.04.2018 as per instruction of BSNL Hq. 

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Knowingly everything’s some people are over smart on the Rule. We know that actually their aim is only to delay the DPC up to the postings of competitive candidates & people behind them know very well that it cannot be a permanent one.
Now it is the right time to tell everybody that all are getting delayed only because of unnecessary, self motivated fabricated and manmade court cases, created by some of our own officers/Associations without knowing the long term effects. People should realize their mistakes them self, otherwise time only will make them realize. But at that time, they, themselves will be under court cases.




Pre appointment training (6+4+1 weeks) for DR JAOs for the year 2018.


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BSNLCO has made arrangement for updation of data by individual through POP UP Menu in ESS Module. Hence all the executives are requested for updation of their data immediately.

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Circle President, Circle Secretary Secretary met PGM(Fin) regarding HR issues on today.




Circle Secretary Secretary, Circle AFS met GM(HR & Admn) regarding long pending promotion cases of PA & PS on today.




GS writes:

 The CMD, BSNL regarding our submissions for promotion from JTO (T) to SDE (T) under SCF quota consequent upon judgment of Hon’ble High Court of Kerala.

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Provisional seniority list of JTO (TF) 

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Updated provisional seniority list -8 of SDEs (T) for errors and omissions if any

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<<<Click here for list>>>


Judgment dated 05.06.2018 in OP (CAT) No.45/2015 pronounced by Hon’ble High Court of Kerala in matter of the inter-se seniority list of JTOs:

Certified copy of the judgment has been received by AIBSNLEA through its advocate.

<<Click here for the certified copy of the judgment>>

On just perusal of the judgment no ambiguity or contradictory things are observed in the judgment. AIBSNLEA’s detailed observations are being uploaded shortly.


Quarry from field regarding Catch Up Rule

Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh decision on catch up Rule:

Hon’ble CAT Bench Chandigarh in an OA No. 060/00440/2018 delivered its judgment on 17.04.2018 disposed of the OA with the direction to the competent authority amongst the respondents to consider and decide the indicated representations, keeping in view the ratio of law laid down by Hon’ble Apex Court in case of B.K. Pavitra & Ors. versus Union of India & Ors. [2017] 4 SCC 620, by passing a speaking & reasoned order and in accordance with law, before making any promotion to the post of CAO.

<<< Click here for operative portion of the order>>>


Details of JTOs applied for rule-8 transfer.

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Judgment dated 05.06.2018 in OP(CAT) No.45/2015 on the files of Hon’ble High Court of Kerala:

The judgment in the above case along with other connected cases was pronounced by the Division Bench of the Hon’ble High Court comprising Hon’ble Mr.Justice. C.T Ravikumar & Hon’ble Mr.Justice. K.P.Jyothindranath on 05.06.2018 when AIBSNLEA counselor Advocate Benny M John appeared on behalf of AIBSNLEA, the 16th respondent.

The prima facie understanding regarding the judgment is as follows:

* The main findings of the Tribunal were not interfered by the Court.

* The final eligibility list is to be prepared within 6 months and provisional promotions can be done on a 1:1 ratio equally from the senior most promotees and senior most direct recruitees.

* It seems some contrary observations and directions in the judgment and the same can be detailed only on receipt of the certified copy of the judgment

AIBSNLEA has applied for the certified copy of the judgement and the same will be shared  on receipt.



Regarding CPSU Cadre Hierarchy’s

The Majority Association is now again busy in sugar coating the quinine pill on behalf of Management.


They claim that the formal discussion have taken place only with Recognized Association as per provisions of Recognition Rules. According to them, SNEA (I) alone have the right to negotiation / discussion with the management on such policy. But the actual fact is that Management had already consulted with the General Secretaries of Association of BSNL in this regard date wise like 13/11/2017 – AIBSNLOA, 14/11/2017 – SEWA, 15/11/2017 – AIBSNLEA, 16/11/207 – SNEA (I), 28/11/2017 – AIGETOA, 28/11/2017 – BBOA, 29/11/2017 – AITEEA, 29/11/2017 BEA of BSNL, 29/11/2017 – Association of BSNL LDCE Executives.

The CPSU Cadre Hierarchy’s draft had been placed several times earlier:

1. First draft of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy was placed vide no. 4-5/2011 – Restg dated 01-07-2013.
2. Second draft was placed vide no. 4-5/2011 – Restg vol – II dated 14/03/2014.
3. Third draft was placed vide no. 400 – 33/2012 – Per I dated 20-10-16.
4. Fourth and Last draft was placed after a long drama 2nd Nov 2017 with the notification like BSNL Executive promotion policy amendment of RR – 2017.

A group of executives filled a case at Hon’ble CAT Ernakulum Bench. The Hon’ble CAT stay granted upto 20/12/2017 with a direction that the Board of BSNL will have the liberty to deliberate and take a decision on the scheme. However it was further directed that any action consequent to such approval if given, will be initiated only after 10 days of publication of the scheme in its approved form in the official website of BSNL.
Regarding AIBSNLEA, our stand is always veryclear, we had already given our para wise suggestions on 15/11/2017. We are in favour for the implementation of the “KHAN COMMITTEE”recommendation in true sense. 

Actually, all most all the Association against the CPSU Policy except SNEA (I). Once it was finalized in the month of Nov’ 2017 and claim it was SNEA (I) victory. On the other hand, now also they claiming this will be major breakthrough and various reasons Association could not update the latest developments.

If it is major breakthrough, now the question is that
(a) Why had they agreed to the earlier proposal?
(b) If now it is a major breakthrough, then question is for whom, is it for AIBSNLEA or SNEA (I)?
(c) Will the officer be eligible for 12 years instead of 7 years?
(d) Will the MT recruitment be continued or not?
(e) Why much more deviation from “KHAN COMMITTEE” ?
(f) Why not Designation has given under EPP like

Dy Manager(JTO/JAO equivalent) to Manager(SDE/AO equivalent) to Sr Manager(Sr SDE/Sr AO equivalent) to Asst General Manager (AGM/CAO/EE equivalent) without linking with availability of posts ?
(g) Question is so on…………………………


Brothers most of the Executives are confused on structure and benefits on implementation of this CPSU Hierarchy.
Finally on the point of secrecy, we have earlier experienced on management formulating detrimental orders / schemes secretly. This is first time in our service life that we are seeing the majority Association is also becoming a part of the secret mission for damaging the cadre which they represent.


Why is SNEA (I) so over active for the Executives, who were qualified about goal (?) in the new proposal. Executives are qualified enough to understand themselves, what is good and what is bad for them. Then why this extra initiative? When EPP was drafted there was no need for secrecy and education. Then question came why now? It indicated is there any hidden agenda?
We appeal to Majority Association to please stop such action to damage the entire Executive cadre for may be some fringe benefit for some people .


“Ultimate gain is Reduction of staff strength as per HR Plan”.


Status on the JTO to SDE promotion case in Hon’ble High Court of Kerala:

The case on JTO to SDE promotions was listed for hearing in Hon’ble High Court of Kerala today but could not be taken-up due to paucity of time. Now the case is listed for tomorrow at 16.15 Hrs.

Dear DR-JAO Candidates…

At the outset we, AIBSNLEA WEST BENGAL , Congratulate one and all of you on your qualification to become JAO in BSNL .

AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 1st May, 2004 by merging 10 DoT recognized Group-‘B’ officers Associations & thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance & Accounts, Civil / Electrical / Arch./ TFs Engineering Wings, Personnel Staffs (PA/PS/PSS), CSS Staffs, AD(O/L) & General Disciplines of BSNL.

So , AIBSNLEA is the only one association standing/fighting for all the benefits of all the executives in Telecom Finance & Accounts department . From the very beginning, one association has been standing/fighting against the profits of the executives in Finance & Accounts department through series of destructive measures . Last one in the series was their destructive letter to CMD BSNL demanding no more recruitment of Finance & Accounts personal to BSNL . But, as usual, AIBSNLEA has to fight for Finance & Accounts department by writing to CMD to recruit young JAOs for the benefit of BSNL .

Thus only because of AIBSNLEA, young DR-JAOs are joining to BSNL. AIBSNLEA sincerely Welcomes every one of you to BSNL.


SNEA’s demand : not to give life to any more DR-JAO in BSNL

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AIBSNLEA ‘s request : give life to young DR-JAOs in BSNL for the benefit of BSNL


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Pers. Cell of BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued instructions to update the status of executives in ERP on or before 06.06.2018 since the process for Promotion to different grades of all executives / Streams is in active consideration.


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<<<Annexure-Part-01>>>    <<<Annexure-Part-02>>>   


<<<Annexure-Part-03>>>    <<<Annexure-Part-04>>> 


All the  Branch Secretaries are requested to go through the lists given above and ensure that the same may be got corrected by Admin. Cell in the ERP in targeted time i.e. 06.06.2018.




CS writes to GM(HR/Admin) regarding transfer & posting those are having with less than two years of service under WB Telecom Circle.

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Wish a very happy & prosperous retired life to the executives retiring on 31-12-2021


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