GS writes to  The Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding preparation of JAO Gradation List for JAO 2015 & 2016 Batch- <<<Click here for letter>>>



 GS writes to The CGM (BW), BSNL Corporate Office regarding request for transfer in the cadre of SDE (Civil)  <<<Click here for letter>>>


 GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding immediate and effective measures to be taken for improving Internet Services in Assam and NE Region….

<<<Click here for GS letter>>>

 Reply given by Hon’ble MOSC&IT Shri SANJAY DHOTRE Ji in RAJYA SABHA today on ‘WAGE REVISION FOR BSNL EMPLOYEES’.….<<<<Click here for reply>>>>


 BSNL CO  issued instructions regarding Policy for  preservation of  documents/ records due to listing of BSNL with Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)… <<<Click here for letter>>>  


 BSNL CO  issued instructions regarding…

(i) Verification of personnel data of Executives in SAP Portal from service book for implementation of e-DPC/CPC through SAP Portal w.e.f 01.04.2021….<<<Click here for letter>>>   <<<Status as on 09.03.2021>>>

(ii) Process to be adopted for settlement of pension dues where a retiree expires prior to filing of Pension Papers –  <<<Click here for letter>>>

(iii) Timely payment of retirement benefits to the retiring employees – <<<Click here for letter>>>

(iv) Verification of personal data of executives in SAP Portal from original records of employees in Online transfer application module (OTAM)<<<Click here for letter>>>

(v) Review of DPCs in compliance of Hon’ble Supreme Court vide Judgement dated 21.01.2015 and 14.12.2017 in CA No 4389 of 2010 <<<<Click here for letter>>>

Women’s Day


GS writes to Shri Pramod Chandra Mody,Chairman, CBDT  regarding Notice under Section 154 of Income Tax Act, 1961 received by many BSNL Retirees/ Govt. Pensioners from Income Tax Department in respect of  Taxation on Govt. Service period Leave Encashment. <<<<Click here for letter>>>>



(i) 4G tender delay: BSNL seeks concessions on domestic vendor clause….<<<<Click here for detail news>>>>


Dear Comrades,

Due to sudden increase in Covid-19 cases in the country specifically in Kerala where CWC of AIBSNLEA is scheduled to be conducted from 6th to 7th March 2021, life threat may be there on visiting the Kerala for attending the proposed CWC meeting at Trivandrum.

Some State Govt. issued guidelines that Mandatory RT-PCR Negative report has to be submitted by the Passengers from Kerala when they are entering the State.  In view of the foregoing situation and after having discussions with the number of Circle Secretaries and CHQ office bearers it is decided by the CHQ to defer the CWC meeting. It may be rescheduled in the last week of May 2021 at the same venue. Final dates will be communicated in due course of time.


Meeting with CMD BSNL & Board of Directors:

Today GS AIBSNLEA, AGS (HQ), AGS (Fin) and CHQ-Auditor met Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL and discussed  as detailed below:

At the outset, we have informed the CMD BSNL that AIBSNLEA is going to hold its Central Working Committee (CWC) Meeting in Kerala on 6th and 7th of March, 2021 at Trivandrum. We invited CMD to participate in the Open Session of CWC Trivandrum as “Chief Guest” and to address the gathering under the Caption of “Revival & Survival of BSNL” on 6th March, 2021 (Saturday). CMD BSNL convey his Best Wishes for the CWC Meet and mentioned that despite of his busy schedule, he assured that he will definitely try to come and attend the CWC Meeting Open Session on 6th March and will deliver his message to the BSNL employees to work hard for the  Revival & Survival of BSNL in the current cut throat competition in the Telecom Sector.


2) Restructuring/ Manpower Planning : We had a detailed discussion with CMD regarding Restructuring/ Manpower Plan and handed over AIBSNLEA Suggestions and views vide Letter dated 19.2.2021 along with details & full justification in respect of different cadres/posts to be provisioned (i.e., the sufficient numbers of Executives) in Operational Area Offices, BAs, Circle Offices & Corporate Office and requested to intervene in the matter since the justified number of Posts  have not been provided by the Restructuring Cell in the proposed Manpower Planning/Restructuring Organisational Chart. CMD BSNL assured to look into our suggestions before finalization of the same.

(i) Justification for Posting of CAO & DGM (Fin)/IFA <<<Click here for letter>>>  <<Annexure-I & II>>

(ii) Justification for Provision of AGM & DGM (Engg.) <<Click here for letter>>


3) Consideration of Regular Promotions in all the Cadres: We requested CMD for the consideration and immediate issuance of Promotion orders in all the Disciplines/Cadres by giving one time relaxation in the Qualifying Service, wherever required for those who are drawing Higher Scales, to manage the acute shortage in the Field Units as well as in the Administrative Offices of BSNL so as to maintain the vast Telecom Network, OFC, Telephone Exchanges etc., in an efficient manner instead of Look-After arrangement. After patient hearing CMD BSNL mentioned that Management is planning to consider the Promotions in all the Cadres after the finalisation of Restructuring/ Manpower Planning shortly.


4. Non remittance of SAB recovered from monthly Salary of  Apr’ 2020 to Dec’ 2020: We brought to the notice of CMD that SAB Benefits in respect of DRs of BSNL recovered from the monthly Salary of Apr’2020 to Dec’2020 has not been remitted to the Concern Authorities, resulting in non receipt of Pensionery benefits by the Retired Officials. CMD mentioned that due to heavy financial crunch and  dip in revenue, the amount has not been remitted. However he assured to look in to the matter.


5. Discrimination in consideration of request transfers of Accounts Personnel: We brought to the kind attention of CMD that request transfers in respect of Accounts Personnel has not been considered  by the Management for the past 8 months in the name of Restructuring,  whereas request transfers have been considered in all other cadres. We also explained CMD BSNL about the problems being faced by the Accounts Personnel without family in other Circles for more than 3 years due to Covid-19 and requested him to consider the cases on Humanitarian grounds and issue necessary instructions to the concerned Authorities for issuance of transfer orders. CMD after patient hearing advised us to discuss the issue with Director (Fin)/Director (HR) and also assured to looked into.


6. Free Corona Vaccine to BSNL Employees treating them as Frontline workers:  CMD BSNL mentioned that as per the request of AIBSNLEA Letter dated 5.1.2021 and discussion on 8.1.2021, he has already taken up the issue with the Secretary(T) in the the interest of BSNL Employees. He further assured that he will take up the issue with the Secretary (H&FW) through Secretary (T). 


7.Compensation and Financial Assistance to the family members of deceased BSNL Employees due to Covid-19: We requested CMD BSNL to consider the Compensation and Financial Assistance to the family members of deceased BSNL Employees due to Covid-19 since AIBSNLEA is requesting the BSNL Management for the past 7 months to consider the same on Humanitarian Grounds. CMD BSNL mentioned that the proposal was discussed in the BSNL Board Meeting in length but not considered due to heavy financial crunch.


We further met Director (HR), Director (CFA), Director (CM), Director (EB) and Director (Fin) and invited them to participate in the Open Session of CWC meeting to be held at Trivandrum (Kerala) as Guest of Honours. All the Directors have accepted our invitation & conveyed their Best Wishes and assured that if physical presence (due to Corona as well as their busy schedule) is not possible they will address the CWC  through Online.


We handed over  AIBSNLEA suggestions and views regarding Restructuring Plan vide Letter dated 19.2.2021 to all the Board of Directors and requested them to consider our suggestions while it is coming for discussion and approval in the M.C. and BSNL Board Meeting .


BSNL CO issued order regarding  Change of name of merged Non-Territorial NCNGN & BBNW circles <<<Click here for letter>>


 Meeting with Shri R.K. Goyal, PGM (Pers) CO BSNL and discussed regarding:

(a) Provisional Seniority list No.9 of SDE(T): As assured by the PGM (Pers.) earlier to call AIBSNLEA for discussion about the Seniority list No 9 of SDE(T), today PGM (Pers.) called AIBSNLEA to submit our views regarding the Provisional Seniority list No.9 of SDE(T) issued by the Pers. branch on 10.08.2020. We have presented our views before the PGM (Pers.) and handed over the copy of letter addressed to CMD BSNL, wherein we have categorically mentioned that the Provisional Seniority List No. 9 is not prepared purely on the basis of the date of joining in accordance with the judgment pronounced by Hon’ble Supreme Court, and Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh but it is prepared on the basis of Date of Joining within the vacancy Year. Any RR amendment is applicable from that date (that is Prospective in nature) but not on retrospectively i.e., w.e.f. 28.08.2015 only. 

PGM (Pers.) mentioned that after taking the views from all the Stakeholders and going through the Rulings, Laws, RRs & Amendments therein and Court Judgements, the discrepancies will be removed and the list will be finalized purely as per the Law & Rules only.  <<Click here for GS letter>>

(b) JTO to SDE (T) Promotions:  We enquired about the status of JTO (T) to SDE promotion. PGM (Pers) mentioned after a long and detailed hearing the Judgement has been kept reserved and we are waiting for the Judgement Copy from Hon’ble CAT Jabalpur. Personnel branch is trying its best for early issuance of the Promotion orders from JTO (T) to SDE (T).

 (c) Request for consideration of immediate Regular Promotions in all the Cadres: GS appraised the PGM (Pers) that thousands of Executives already drawing Higher Scales are working in the entry level grade of JTO equivalent and waiting for their Promotions for the years together. AIBSNLEA has continuously pursuing and requesting the BSNL Management for the issuance of Regular Promotion Orders in all Cadres. We strongly oppose any look-after arrangement in higher grade but we demand immediate promotions on ‘Regular Basis’. 

PGM (Pers) mentioned that the Regular Promotion issue is under consideration with the BSNL Management but due to various Court Cases and Restructuring Plan pending, it is not immediately possible. Regarding Restructuring Plan, necessary presentation to the Management has been given by M/s Deloittee and now it is to be discussed internally within the Management and after due approval from the Board, it will be implemented. Further, Management is trying to sort out the Regular promotion issue with a workable solution acceptable to all through discussions.

    (d) Consideration of request transfers in the Cadre of Accounts Officer:- We appraised PGM (Pers.) that AIBSNLEA has discussed the transfer issue with the CMD BSNL and Director (Finance) and requested to consider the long pending request transfers in the Cadre of AO. We informed that Accounts Personals are waiting for their request transfers since long whereas the transfer orders in other cadres are being issued regularly.

    PGM (Pers) mentioned that he is also finding out the time to meet and discuss with Director (Fin). The transfer orders will be issued after getting clearance from the Competent Authority soon


Our Circle secretary write a letter to CGM/WBTC regarding Poor Internet connection at circle office and also customer end. Also customer face poor Internet speed. < Click here for Letter>


:Meeting with Director(Finance), BSNL Board


Today GS AIBSNLEA, AGS (Fin) and CHQ(Auditor) met  Ms. Yojana Das, Director(Finance), BSNL Board and discussed regarding:

(a) Consideration of request transfers in the Cadre of Accounts Officers:

(b) AO to CAO “Status Quo” case pending in Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh:

(c) Long pending outstanding dues receivable from DoT :

Details of the meeting: <Click here>


Wish a very happy & prosperous retired life to the executives retiring on 31-03-2021


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