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Sri Kalyan Halder,CP & Sri Aniruddha Basu, CS, AIBSNLEA WBTC attended the Open Session of 3rd Circle Conference of SEWA WBTC held at CTO, Kolkata on 29/04/2017


A Branch Conference of AIBSNLEA, City Branch Kolkata will be held on 26.05.2017, 1 pm at TI Hall, CTO Building (3rd Floor ) , 8, Red Cross Place, Kolkata.            <<< Click for Notice >>>


Feedback on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy:

As per the directions given by Director (HR) to Pers. Cell to take feedback from AIBSNLEA on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. All the District Secretaries are requested to send their suggestions/views on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy immediately to CHQ for further discussions and submissions to the BSNL Management.



Withdrawal by BEA of BSNL from proposed Hunger Strike on 25/04/2017 to 28/04/2017    <<< Click for letter >>>



AIBSNLEA supports AIGETOA agitation

AIBSNLEA has extended its support to the agitation of AIGETOA in view of the common demands for which we jointly struggled in the past under the banner of United Forum of BSNL Executives’ Associations. The arbitrary notification of E1A & E2A intermediatory pay scales by DoT has lowered the status of JTO & SDE equivalent executives. Future recruitment of JTO & JAO will take place in E1 pay scale only. This fact was well known that DoT has processed E1A & E2A intermediatory pay scales then how the said Majority Executive Associations has allowed its notification. In the recent referendum of Executives’ Associations, the so called “Majority Association” has been given all negotiation powers on policy matters concerning to the executives in BSNL. Hence, the “Majority Association” just after the notification of these intermediatory pay scales should have exhausted all negotiation channels in BSNL & DoT to get withdrawal of this notification instead of jumping into agitation directly. However, it is up-to them to take such decision. AIGETOA has preferred to align with the “Majority Association” for the settlement of HR issues leaving aside the platform of United Forum of BSNL Executives’ Associations comprising AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA & AITEEA.

AIBSNLEA, eventhough is committed to support AIGETOA in their efforts for settlement of the genuine HR issues but AIBSNLEA can’t be mortgaged to some associations. AIBSNLEA is struggling for getting limited Trade Union Facilities at All India Level/Circle Level & SSA Level with BSNL Management through court cases.

At present after the referendum process AIBSNLEA CHQ, Circles & SSAs are not mentally prepared for the agitation. In case the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle/District Office Bearers & Members are victimized by the management, AIBSNLEA does not have any recognized channel to save them.

In view of this, AIBSNLEA decided to extend its solidarity support to AIGETOA struggle. We extend our best wishes for the success of their struggle & settlement of HR issues through the ongoing path.

 Requisition for posting of JTO <<< Click for letter >>>

All the Br. Secretaries are requested to submit the station wise requirement of JTOs in consultation with SSA head in connection with posting of JTO trainees.


Extension of deduction of Subscription to Executives` Association  <<< Click for letter >>>


48 Hrs Relay Hunger Strike at BSNLCO on 18th and 19th April 2017 and other programs by SNEA withdrawn:

BSNL Corporate Office has circulated that the SNEA has withdrawn the 48 hours Relay Hunger Strike at BSNL CO on 18.04.2017 to 19.04.2017 and Relay Hunger Strike at BSNL CO / Circle / SSA HQs on 25.04.2017 to 28.04.2017.

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Waiting list of JTOs for transfer under Rule-8  <<< Click for order >>>

5th Circle Conference

5th Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA WBTC will be held on 7th &  8th April`17  at Moulali Yuba Kendra, Kolkata. 

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5th Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA WBTC, 7th &  8th April`17  at Moulali Yuba Kendra, Kolkata.

:: Adviser ::

Sri Prusun Kumar Mukhopadhyay Organization Secretary (East)/CHQ

Sri Basudev Chakraborthy Advisor (General-VI)/CHQ

:: Convener ::

Souvenir Committee: Sri Aniruddha Basu 9434746912 <<< List of others members >>>

Food Committee: Sri subinoy Chakraborty 9432000381 <<< List of others members >>>

Office Committee:  Sri Sanat Kr. Sen 9434096022   <<< List of others members >>>

Accommodation Committee: Sri P. K. Pyne 9434333394 <<< List of others members >>>

Transport Committee:  Sri Tapas Ch. Das 9433400191 <<< List of others members >>>

Decoration Committee: Sri Bhaskar Chakraborty 9434235777 <<< List of others members >>>



The 5TH Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA, West Bengal Circle was held on 7th & 8th April 2017 at Moulali Yuba Kendra, Kolkata in excellent and grand manner.

The flag hoisting of the 5th Circle Conference  was done by  Com. Prahlad Rai, G.S., AIBSNLEA CHQ in the present of Circle President, Circle Secretary, All Circle Office Bearers and  members and delegates across the state.  The slogan shouting AIBSNLEA Zindabad, BSNL Zindabad made the moment very inspiring.

The Open Session was started with inaugural song by Smt. Srobona Roy Chowdhury & other members of AIBSNLEA, West Bengal Circle. Shri G.C.Srivastava, C.G.M., ETR was present in the Open Session as Chief Guest. Along with the G.S., other CHQ Leaders viz. Shri Prasun Mukhopadhyay, Organizing Secretary(East), Shri Basudeb Chakraborty, Adviser, Veteran Leader Shri Amit Gupta, A.G.S., AIBSNLRWA, Shri Dipak Sahoo, AGS, AIGETOA, Circle Representatives from AIGETOA, SEWA, Senior BSNL Officers from West Bengal Circle, ETR, ETP, TS, TFs, were present in the Open Session. The meeting hall was jam packed with the AIBSNLEA Members, Invitees.

Com. Prahlad Rai in his address requested all the comrades to make the West Bengal Circle & CTD Circle as Profit making Circles like Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa. He stated that BSNL Unions and Associations in addition to HR issues have taken a pledge to ensure quality service to BSNL Customers and introduce SWAS program.

Com. Prahlad Rai, in his inspiring  speech elaborately explained about latest  status of HR issues viz. JTO to SDE CPC, SDE to DE CPC, AO to CAO CPC, JAO to AO CPC CPSU cadre hierarchy, Extension of 30% Superannuation Benefit to the BSNL recruited employees, Scrapping of MT/DGM RRs, Pay fixation of Offg. JTOs , Extension of 22,820 as initial basic to the executive’s recruited post 01.01.2007, Creation of PPS post with PGMs, Scale up gradation in respect of AD(OL), Standard pay scale implementation for all executives, activities being undertaken at CHQ level  for the betterment and growth  of both the executives and BSNL including the pending 3rd PRC benefits. He also explained in details about the decision taken by the   DOT regarding down gradation of Scale from E1-A to E1 & E2-A to E2 and stand of AIBSNLEA in this regard. He also stated that joint movement in this regard is very much essential, but approach of other associations in this regard is creating hindrance to start the joint movement.       

Circle Representatives from AIGETOA, SEWA as well as other senior BSNL Officers viz. Sr.G.M.(Finance), G.M.(HR/Admn), G.M.(NPD-CM), G.M.(CFA), G.M., Kolkata SSA, West Bengal Circle delivered their valuable speech in the Open Session.  

The Open Session was concluded with National Anthem.   

The delegate session was continued on 8.4.2017 up to 6.00 P.M. and the house dissolved for starting the election proceedings. Com. Prasun Mukhopqadhyay, O.S.(East) was nominated as Chairman for conducting election for new Circle Body. Veteran Leader Shri Amit Gupta, A.G.S., AIBSNLRWA was present in the election process to assist the Chairman.

The following office bearers were elected unanimously by the august house.

Circle President

Com. Kalyan Halder, C.A.O. (Vigilance), Circle Office, Kolkata.
Circle Secretary Com. Aniruddha Basu, A.G.M.(Genl), Circle Office, Kolkata.
Finance Secretary Com. Uuttam Kumar Mandal, A.O.(Cash), Circle Office, Kolkata

All office bearers took oath of office from Shri Prasun Mukhopadhya, O.S.(East).

Lastly a felicitation function was arranged in the honour of retired Circle Office Bearers viz. Com. Sawpan Kr. Basu, Preisdent, Com. Prasanta Kr. Pyne, Vice President, Com. Bijoy Krishna Bhattacharjee, Circle secretary, Com. Mihir Kr Nath, Asstt. Circle Secretary who had retired from service.      

The Conference concluded at around 7.00 PM with Vote of thanks conveyed by Branch Secretary, ETR, Kolkata. 

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Ongoing agitation program of SNEA – stand of AIBSNLEA.

AIBSNLEA extends its solidarity support to SNEA agitation programme i.e. Dharna on 11.04.2017 and Relay Hunger Strike with effect from 25.4.2017 to 28.4.2017. All the District Secretaries are requested to act accordingly.



Organise Call Attention Day powerfully on 05.04.2017: As per the decision taken in the meeting of Unions and Associations, held at New Delhi on 15.03.2017, Call Attention Day is to be observed on 05.04.2017, by wearing demands badges and conducting gate meetings.

::::::::: Demands ::::::::::

1) Settle Wage Revision of BSNL Employees w.e.f. 01.01.2017.
2) Settle revision of pension from 01.01.2017.
3) Implement 30% Superannuation benefits to DR employees.
4) Calculate pension contribution on actual basic pay.

All the Circle Office Bearers, District Secretaries are requested to organise the programme effectively, in coordination with other Unions and Associations. <<<Click here for notification>>>



AIBSNLEA & AITEEA decided to hold lunch hour demonstration on 6th April, 2017 at BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi, Circle / SSA HQs to protest against the arbitrary notification of OM dated 28.03.2017 by DoT for intermediatery  pay scales E1A & E2A instead of standard pay scales of E2 & E3 pay scales & non settlement of pay anomaly Rs. 22820/- pay fixation case of JTO/JAO post recruited 2007. All the Circle Officer Bearers, Distt. Secretaries are requested to ensure their active participation. Further course of agitation programmes will be decided shortly.

We also request all the Executives Associations of BSNL i.e. AIGETOA, SNEA(I), AIBSNLOA, BBOA,  BASE, BSNLOA, BASE, ABLE etc for their support in making the struggle a success in larger interest of BSNL executives. Notice will follow.



Wish a very happy & prosperous retired life to the executives retiring on 31-05-2020.


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