Circle Secretary, Asst. Circle Secretaries  to met GM(Mkt) regarding  case of Suri issues.




2nd Branch Conference of AIBSNLEA Suri Branch  will be held on 27th January`19  at TRC Hall,O/O the TDM, M/W Campus, Ground floor, Suri, Birbhum on 10:30 AM.


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It is an appeal to all SC/ST members under WBT Circle.


Brothers since long we are informing you that dual membership is allowed at BSNL. In some places dual membership is not being allowed forcefully by some executives.

BSNL HQ several times have clarified regarding dual membership but improvement under WBT Circle is less. We have no objection if Secretary, President and Financial Secretary, those who are actually the main office bearers of SC/ST welfare organizations to have single membership, though it is also not compulsory.

We on behalf of AIBSNLEA WBT Circle are providing the below information which was discussed in the 5th Quarterly Meeting held on 06-09-2018 against the agenda point of SC/ST welfare organization CHQ.

Agenda placed by SEWA CHQ to BSNL Management vide no. 65-3/2018/SCT/843 dated 26-07-2018 contains the points like “Request for inclusion of SEWA BSNL in all councils , committees including wage revision committee and development meetings.


<<< Click here for the Agenda Page 3 Item 3>>>


Reply of BSNL management against the above point vide no. 65-3/2018/SCT(Pt)/622 dated 04-10-2018.


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From the above minutes, it is clear that SEWA being a category based Welfare Association is not eligible to participate the membership verification of Unions / Associations.

Thus considering the above All the SC/ST brothers and Sisters are requested to rethink over the issue and join in the main stream because AIBSNLEA is the only Association which always protects the interest of SC/STs as well as ALL BSNL EMPLOYEES.


The interim report of IIMA on Revival/Restructuring of BSNL. 


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The revision for tariff plans of landline and broadband.


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At Rajya Sabha Q/A– 4G spectrum for BSNL.


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AUAB  its internal meeting on 08-01-2019 and meeting with Secretary (T) on 10-01-2019.

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Memorandum submitted by Director (SR) DOT along with status of strike issues.


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AIBSNLEA extends its moral & solidarity support to the General Strike called by Central Trade Unions on 08th & 09th , January, 2019.




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NEW YEAR -2019



Sri Aniruddha Basu, Circle Secretary losses his Mother today. 


Mother of Sri Aniruddha Basu took her last breath at about 13.00 hrs today in Nursing home at Serampur. AIBSNLEA/WB extends its deepest condolences on the sad demise of Mother of Sri Aniruddha Basu.


We pray almighty God to rest her soul in peace and May God give strength to Sri Aniruddha Basu & his family to bear the loss


AIBSNLEA notifies its 6th AIC at Vijaywada , Andhra Pradesh

6th All India Conference of All India BSNL Executives’ Association (AIBSNLEA) will be held at Tummalapalli Kshethrayya Vari Kalashetram, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh from 9th April, 2019 to 11th April, 2019 to transact the following agenda with other business:

(i)      Confirmation of the minutes of the 5thAll India Conference held at Mysuru, Karnataka w.e.f. 17th June, 2016 to 19th June, 2016.

(ii)     Passing of the report of the General Secretary.

(iii)    Passing of the Audited Accounts (Income & Expenditure) of past term and Budget for the ensuing term of the Association to be placed by the Financial Secretary.

(iv)    Amendments to rules and bye-laws of the Association.

(v)     Resolutions given with due notice of by the Circles

(vi)    Any other items with the permission of the Chair.

(vii)   Dissolution of the existing body of CHQ and election of new Central Office Bearers for the next term.

All CHQ Office Bearers, Advisors, Consultants, Circle Presidents, Circle Secretaries and Central Working Committee members and Delegates of AIBSNLEA are requested to attend the meeting. Detailed Programme / agenda shall be circulated at the venue before start of the meeting

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Pre-AIC Central Working Committee meeting of AIBSNLEA  will be held at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh on 8th April, 2019 at 10.00 Hrs and   A meeting of the CHQ office bearers & Advisors / Consultants will be held at the 6th AIC Venue on 7th April, 2019 at the 17.00 Hrs.  Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

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Different tariff of BSNL.


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Holidays to be observed in Administrative & Operative offices of BSNL, WBTC during the year 2019.


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Consolidated guidelines on VRS / VSS.


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In cadre hierarchy JAos & AOs are having same cluster.


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Merger of Telecom Stores with WBTC.


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Transfer and Posting in the cadre of JTO in WBTC.


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AUAB Meeting today unanimously decided to defer the strike till further intimation as per the following details:


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Secy(T), DoT Meeting with AUAB held today 


 Talks between the AUAB and the Secretary (T), DoT were held today the 02nd Dec., 2018. Improvements are there in the issues of 4G Spectrum, Pension Revision and pension contribution. However, dead lock in prevailing in the issue of 3rd Pay Revision. With a view to ensure discussion with the Hon’ble MOS(C) on this issue, the AUAB decides to defer the strike for one week. If fruitful outcome does not come in the meeting with the Hon’ble MOS(C), the strike will start from 00.00 Hrs.  on 10thDec., 2018.


<<AUAB Letter of deferment to Secy(T), DoT & CMD BSNL>>


<<<Director (PSU-I), Dot letter to AUAB leaders>>>>



Transfer & Postings order of AGM/DE in Telecom operation system in WBTC.


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Pre strike meeting of AUAB held at TF/TS Branch at TF Circle office. ACS attend the meeting from WB Circle. 


Wish a very happy & prosperous retired life to the executives retiring on 31-10-2018.

Branch Office Bearer



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